Our Salsa

After tweaking a family salsa recipe for 5 years, a unique flavor and texture emerged placing our product in a league of its own. If there is any word that is used more than any other to describe RL Salsa, it would be “addictive”. Over the years friends and family have enjoyed our salsa and even encouraged us to start a business saying, “It’s That Good!”

Many may believe that entering the highly competitive salsa industry in today’s marketplace may make it tough to succeed as a business. However, we were so confident that we produced the best all natural salsa available, we launched RL Salsa Co. in July 2012 despite the competitive landscape.

RL Salsa Co. is like no other on the market and once you try it, you’ll never go back to your other salsa!


Hot salsa now has new ingredients
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Medium Salsa on sale!
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